Hello Turkey!

Saw someone from Turkey is reading the blog – well welcome!

I wonder where you are in Turkey.  I have been to Istanbul and Ephesus.  I enjoyed it all very much – the sights, the sounds, the food.  Middle Eastern food is wonderful.  I ate at a Middle Eastern place in the East Village last week.  I forget the name, it’s on St. Mark’s Place near the park.  Oh and the mint tea  – yum!

My first day walking around Istanbul, I was by myself doing some sight seeing and some men screamed out, “fucking American whore!’  I went straight back to the hotel and hired a male guide for the rest of the trip.  That was pretty disconcerting.  Hopefully things have changed somewhat.

I also dated a Turkish guy very briefly who lived here.  We met at a dance club.  He was the only man I noticed out of the throngs of people and he said the same about me.  The Soul knows the Soul.  Oh, I liked him so much.   We had a fun summer and I was really falling for him.  He came over with some sweets one day and we sat out by my pool.  He was sad and said he couldn’t keep dating me because he felt intimidated by my “stuff” – house, car, etc. – and me being successful  It was so sad because those things didn’t mean anything to me.  And, I was literally in bankruptcy too at the time barely surviving.  I was just a girl wanting to be liked by a guy but he didn’t see it that way.  Ironically, it’s a good thing we didn’t keep dating because if was intimidated by only one house, then how would he have felt when he learned about my others and all my other stuff – lol!


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