$15 / hour?

Super quick post…when I was in the corporate world starting in my 20’s, I always asked for more and more raises, followed by jacking up my hourly rate higher and higher.  It was scary to do each and every time but I knew I was worth a whole hell of a lot.  I would always shoot high figuring I could be turned down.  Very rarely was I turned down.

My very first corporate job at Sallie Mae maybe I made like $28,000.  I don’t remember.  But when I was transferring from D.C. to San Francisco my new boss said he’d bump me up to $30,000.  When the paperwork did not reflect that, I brought it to the attention of Human Resources.  The lady encouraged me to keep my $28,000 or else she’d have to run it up the chain of approval to the CEO.  Luckily, I had the courage to say, “go ahead and do it”.  I’m sure it was some ploy.  Oh yeah, you are really going to tell me the CEO of a multi million dollar GSE has to approve a piddly little pay raise.  Yeah, right.  Of course it got approved.

Anyway, why I write today.  You know how many people I meet to both hire or that I know, are happy to make around $12 – 15 / hour.  Grown adults and such.  It makes me beyond sad to see these Creator Spirits being fooled into believing they are little peons in the world in which we live and happy to accept these little crumbs.  How is that possible?

I came into this world fierce and always knew my value.  No clue where that came from.  I pray for others to start waking up and seeing their value and ability to contribute to society.  The only way having such low pay standards is going to change is when the people who accept them start saying no.

When I was HR Director at a multi-media company in San Francisco, we would give raises to people who asked.  Not those who didn’t.

A funny side story is when my mom helps me with one of my businesses which involves some pricing, well she always prices on the low side.  I have given her more than one talk asking what would Donald Trump do if he were the one pricing.  That object would be the biggest, greatest, most precious thing to ever exist and be sold, not some tiny little trinket you hope someone would buy from you.  She remembers this advice for a day or two and then goes back into her less than demeanor pricing on the low side.


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