Meanings of dreams

Most of the dreams we have are about processing things we encounter in daily life.  The sub-conscious or the super-conscious kicks into action to help sort out things our waking mind may be having difficulties with.  I’m sure you have heard the adage that problems can not be solved at the same level at which they were created.  This is one way of sorting things out.

Then there are other dreams that are actual interactions with people.  Last week, an old boyfriend came in on his birthday.  It was as real as seeing him live and in person.  I found it very interesting he appeared on his birthday.  I don’t recall him coming in to my dream state ever before.  He must have received special dispensation to enter into my sphere of being on his special day.  Lol.  I didn’t mind.  It was a nice dream.

Then there are other dreams that are actually premonitions of meeting people.  Preparing you for what lies ahead.  Again, they are as real as the light of the day.  The meetings may or may not come to pass depending on each person’s own willingness or blockage of the possibility of meeting.  I had one of these last night.

What I remember at the moment is a man came to my house to buy the two window air conditioners I had for sale on Craig’s List.  (They actually both sold last week anyhow).  I thought he was cute when he came to the door but he vacillated on the cheap price of $33 each and I walked into another room thinking he was foolish he didn’t see the bargain price in front of him.  He changed his mind and bought them both and that seemed to put us on a different trajectory.  Next scene in the dream was at his house with him hugging me tightly.  He was so tall my head was at the same level as his chest.  He must be tall as I am 5’9″.  After the hug, I was laughing and playing with his teenage son in his living room.  I was very happy and very content.

I woke up with the inner knowing this man is a new Professor at Yale.  Today happens to be the day the GMonkey vegan food truck is at the green in New Haven.  It’s also sunny and warm so I may as well head over there as it’s been on my list of things to do.

I try my best to stay open and follow the leads as they appear on my path.  I’ve always been pretty good at doing this.  It has been innate within me to see possibilities.  I remember trying to explain this to others when I was in the corporate world n San Francisco and they would look at me in confusion.  I would tell them anything and everything is possible in life and we get signs all the time.  But, it is up to each one of us whether or not to follow them.

Next day Update:

My day got completely switched around yesterday and other things became more important than following the lead to go to New Haven.  That’s how life works – we do get leads to follow and then other things appear in our paths we can choose to engage with or not to deter us from the path we originally planned to pursue.  That’s neither good nor bad.  For me, my intuition and inner knowing is strong enough, that if I absolutely needed to go to New Haven, I would have dropped everything in an instant to go.  Yesterday, however, the desire wasn’t that strong so I chose to let the other activities that appeared fill my day instead.



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