wow, had an Ah Ha moment while listening to an interview on why the explosion in the derivatives market.  I’ve always been curious why all the manipulation and the derivative of this or the derivative of that.  Here’s my current knowing in pure laymen terms.

You are the Creator of money.  Your signature on any loan, mortgage, etc. creates the money.  It does not exist in the bank prior to this.  The loan actually is a liability on the bank’s books.  This is the truth and this is hidden knowledge.

In order for the banks to play a little card trick, a shell game, and get this liability off the real books and turn it into an asset on another set of books where they can trade, trade and trade some more, well that’s when the derivatives come into play.

Wow!  My psychic friend said if only 5% of Americans knew what was really going on, the system would implode.  And the “controllers” don’t have a back up plan when it does.

It’s time for the trickery and deceit to stop.

One thing that bothered me directly was the Libor rigging scandal.  I remember how all my California mortgages were tied to this Index.  I thought it strange at the time.  Then years later when it came to the light of day that darn thing was rigged, I realized how all those mortgage payments I made were calculated based on a fraudulent index and rate.  Yet I never heard one peep in the news linking the Libor scandal to millions of mortgage payments calculated incorrectly.  Most definitely seems I am due adjustments on those mortgage payments, no?  Me and millions and millions of other people out there.


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