What’s up with the Police State?

Wish I knew.  But society, in general, now fear the police.

Long gone are the days of Peace Officers and friendly neighborhood cops patrolling the block and having kids look up to them.  Must be sad for the good ones out there.  But even more sad, it seems there are more bad ones out there now instead.

I will give one exclusion.  I love my old man neighbor who is on the police force and is the animal control officer.  He loves gardening like I do and will stop by to share tips and tricks of getting flowers to blossom and keeping a green lawn.  He is great.

And, actually one other animal control officer too.  He was in the town where my cousin died.  He came to her house to help catch her parrot flying around.  He promised to find the parrot a good home or care for the parrot himself.  I met him a couple years later when I pulled my tiny Porsche convertible on the side of the highway to coax a big dog wandering on the side of the highway into my car.  He jumped right in.  I didn’t see it was a Pit Bull at the time, but that big boy turned out to be such a bundle of love and licks, he completely changed my tune on the the breed.  I pulled off the highway, called animal patrol, and the same nice animal control officer came out.  He took the Pit Bull, who didn’t want to leave me, and drove around the neighborhood adjacent to the highway where I found him.  He went door to door and eventually found the owner.  Now how is that for kindness and service!  Bless him.  And bless all the others out there on the police forces across the country wanting to do good.

So why are there so many bad ones these days or bad stories you hear all the time now?

I got arrested in 2011 for not turning over my license to a cop when asked for no reason in a grocery store parking lot.  This was the start of me uncovering the giant matrix that is called the legal system today.  What I did not know at the time was had I kept asking questions about why, why, why the request was being made and not acquiesced and eventually given him my license, I would have been fine.  He would not have had jurisdiction over me.  Period.  But me turning over the control of my identity, gave him the immediate jurisdiction to arrest me.  I contracted with him and I did not know.  How do you like that?  I had no idea such a game went on in the supposed legal system.  No idea.  I thought we had Constitutional Rights and boy was I wrong.  The legal system is nothing what you think it is.  Nothing.

What happened next?  I was violently shoved against the car by a woman police officer.  I told her to be nicer and she was hurting me.  Here I am a white successful professional in an upscale town being shoved against a car.  Seriously, was that necessary?  I still do not forgive that lady cop to this today for such uncalled for treatment.  I thought about filing charges against her.  I still might.  It was really inexcusable.

I was charged with Obstructing Justice…can you believe that?  Obstructing Justice for not turning over my license.

Turns out the man I was grocery shopping with had a warrant out for his arrest.  He did not know it and I did not know it.  That was a shocker to me.  But still, no reason for me to be man handled in a town where I pay exorbitant taxes, ie, their salaries, on multiple pieces of property.

Looking back on the episode now, I am blessed I was not tased or shot or something broken on my body in the process.  With all the horrible, horrible stories you hear about police brutality in the news these days, anything is possible.  We, the population, are treated as criminals and as enemy combatants instead of human beings.

Well you know what…we actually are enemy combatants.  If you look back on the history of the U.S., you will find we have been under Martial Law for quite some time.  When I have a moment to remember the specific date, I will update this post.  But google “martial law U.S.” or something similar and you will validate what I say.  You, as a U.S. Citizen, are considered an enemy combatant.  ***Ha, ask and ye shall receive, just came across history of the enemy combatant.  Read here.***

(Just found another good link with a very detailed history of what transpired in government)

(And just found in my notes it was on March 6, 1933, Roosevelt declared a State of Emergency under the War Powers Act of October 6, 1917.  This alone turned us into property and took away our Constitutional rights)

Does this justify police brutality against the population?  No, violence and man handling others is not appropriate under any circumstances.  But, a little research into why things are the way they are, may shed some light on the current state of affairs in the world today.

Sadly, when I see police nowadays, I am constantly on guard.  You have no idea what they are capable of or what bogus charges you could be hauled away over.

Living on Venice Beach I saw constant inappropriate police action against others.  That was prior to my arrest when I thought I was immune to ever experiencing such man handling.  The truth of the matter in society today is anyone can be arrested at any time for anything.  No one is immune.  No one.

It is time to turn around this reptilian system of control over others.  It is time for us to take back our God given rights as men and women.  Do no harm to others and others will do no harm to you.  Is it that hard to live in peace with one another?  I don’t think so.


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