Am I being Discredited?

…perhaps so.  And for those of my friends out there who follow my posts, we will talk more in private about this.

I received a piece of mail today completely by accident.  I had a late morning appointment near my beach house so I decided to stop by and water the hydrangeas.  I knocked on the door to let the tenant know I was there in case he was home and noticed a pile of mail sitting there for me in the foyer.  Apparently it had been piling up for two months and no one bothered to tell me.  In the pile was an ominous legal document dated over a month ago.  Luckily, one of my attorneys is around the corner from the beach house, so I swung by his office.

He was very cute with me.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have screamed at him and had to tell him to get off his ass and actually represent me.  Today was the complete opposite.  We both lost a ton of weight since knowing each other (2011) and he was proud of his drawer, and I mean full on drawer, full of protein bars.  He offered me some and we both sat there eating a chocolate chip protein bar discussing this bullshit piece of mail I received.  I was wearing tiny white teenager cut off shorts and a black t-shirt shirt with white letters that says, “Not Interested.”  He joked I should change the lettering to say, “Not Arrested.”  LOL!

It’s too early to share the nonsense on my plate but I can most definitely tell you this is an attempt to discredit me as I get closer and closer to the truth.  And you know what, for once in my life, I am not scared.  Not at all.  This is no different than the hall monitor bully named Tilda in boarding school who tried to get me to comply with whatever policy she was pushing down my throat at that time.  I stood up then.  I was the only one who stood up.  I will stand up now.  There is no other choice is my life.  This is my path.  The truth is my path.

Anyone trying to discredit me over anything may or may not succeed in the short run.  The fact of the matter is my light will continue to shine bright no matter what.  And anyone who stands in the way of truth will be blinded by the light.

Back off bitches.


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