Money is Energy – it is that simple.

I am listening to an excellent interview with Winston Shrout chock full of information.  I’ve said this before but it is worth hearing over and over…to paraphrase some of his key points:

Money is just a medium of exchange.  It is a method of transferring energy from one party to another.  That’s all it is.

The real value behind it is the energy that has been put in by some party which they want to transfer to some other party.  That is the value.  People get that mixed up.  They think the money is the value when it is not.  It is the energy.  

Energy is created by work.  Energy is created by labor.  So the real value is the labor and the energy that is created by the labor, which is simply represented by money.  And so we use money as a medium of exchange.  And that is the value of it.

This is simple yet huge information.  When you do not understand what money really is, you get yourself trapped into all the illusions surrounding it.


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