All Court Cases and Crimes are Commercial

I have heard…

State statutes have a value of $100,000 per charge.

Federal statutes have a value of $250,000 per charge.


A man I once dated had something like 21 state charges against him in a case.  That would make the value of his case $2.1 million.

During bankruptcy, the Trustee threatened to charge me with a bunch of stuff.  I will have to look up his case, but there were at least 10 points on it.  That would make the value of my case $2.5 million.  Wow!  The case did not go anywhere so I wonder what happened to the “money” behind it?

Each case has something called a CRIS report attached to it.  That tracks the monetary value and negotiability of each case in the judicial system.  You are supposed to be able to access this data.  I have tried to do so but have not yet been successful in obtaining the information yet.

Winston Shrout relayed a story of his friend from Florida who had 5 Federal charges against him and went straight to the Prosecutor of the case and asked him what it would take to make the case go away.  The Prosecutor answered to give him $1,250,000 and he would even take it in 5 year payments.

Isn’t that incredible???  That this actually goes on in our supposed Judicial System?

I first learned this information watching a Kerry Cassidy interview with Daniel Smith.  This poor sweet guy was attacked by the Feds for selling MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement).  He received a call during the debacle from an anonymous source telling him the Feds would not drop the case because the actual value of it had grown to phenomenal proportions.  Millions and millions of dollars from what I recall.  I was bummed Kerry didn’t follow this line of questioning but finances are not her forte.  That one little clue led me on a path of learning to uncover all court cases are actually monetized.

People…things are not what they seem in any area of life.  They are not what they seem.


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