What’s the deal with James Holmes?

I don’t know.

What I do know is I was taking the first UAL flight out of JFK to Los Angeles the morning it happened.  The second I saw it on the television at the Peet’s kiosk, my first reaction was “what are they trying to pull on us now?”  I wonder what it is like to be able to watch the news at face value and really believe all the stories they are telling us.  I think my second thought was they must be pushing the gun confiscation agenda again.  I don’t own any guns but I most definitely support the right to bear arms.  I’m surprised I don’t own any guns.  Perhaps if I were less mobile, I would.  I would likely have a nice collection.

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, delved into James Holmes’ father’s background and he had a very interesting position in finance.  Maybe it had to do with the Libor or the FICO scandal.  I’m not 100%.  I remember reading the father of the Sandy Hook shooter also worked in the same industry, if not at the same company, as father Holmes.  I think it was that one or both of the men were set to testify as to the truth behind the scandal.  I could be speaking out of my ass but both of their backgrounds were very salacious and intertwined in the world of finance.

Here is Kerry’s latest on the Holmes trial.  Apparently his real mother had an outburst in court declaring the family connection with the FBI.  The hosts of the radio show definitely think James Holmes is a victim of the MK Ultra program.  Anything is possible.  Enjoy connecting the dots…

Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.  And truly, much more interesting.


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