Slender Man?

This story is strange.  It would not surprise me one bit the girls actually do hear and see “Slender Man”.  Not one bit.  The “dark” characters out there are very much real.  And, bad boys from other dimensions can and do come through to kill here in ours.  A fact I recently learned and stunned me.

Books upon books have been written about such hooligans.  I read one recently with the word Tricksters in the title.  I don’t remember much more about it other than it says don’t cut your nails outside because the tricksters can collect them and do spells and what not on you – lol!  That I did not know.

Kind of along these lines, I also read the prolific satanic ritual killings happening frequently across our country, are actually hush hushed within the system.  Never reported and made to look like other things happened instead of what really happened.  It could be either to not scare people or to protect the actual satanists, who generally hold high level positions within many communities.

Anyway, bless the girl who survived the stabbings.  Can you imagine that poor girl trying to live out the rest of her life.  Bless her.

Here is original story.

The two girls, both wearing dresses and in shackles, said nothing during the 45-minute proceeding. One of them bounced in her chair until a bailiff whispered to her. She spent the rest of the hearing hunched over and glancing at the ceiling. The girls’ attorneys also said nothing to the judge.

One of their attorneys, Maura McMahon, told reporters outside the courtroom that she was “of course” disappointed and her client didn’t understand what had happened. She said she planned to discuss an appeal with the girl and the attorney then left. The other defense attorneys and prosecutors departed without speaking to reporters.

The girls are both from Waukesha, a conservative Milwaukee suburb. They each face a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the May 2014 attack on their classmate, Payton Leutner. According to a criminal complaint, the girls plotted for months before they lured Payton into some woods after a sleepover and attacked her with a knife. Payton was stabbed 19 times but survived.

The girls told investigators they hoped killing Payton would please Slender Man, a character they had read about in online horror stories. The tales describe Slender Man as an unnaturally thin, faceless creature who preys on children.

Police captured the girls on the outskirts of the city that same day. They told investigators they planned to walk 300 miles to the Nicolet National Forest, where they hoped to live as Slender Man’s servants in his mansion.

All three girls were 12 years old at the time. Anyone 10 or older charged with first-degree attempted homicide is automatically considered an adult under Wisconsin law.

The girls could face up to 65 years in the state prison system if they’re convicted as adults. The juvenile system, in contrast, is geared more toward rehabilitation than punishment. The girls could be held as juveniles for only five years.

Their attorneys had argued they belong in juvenile court because their brains aren’t fully developed, they suffer from mental illness and they won’t get the treatment they need in the adult system. They also asked Bohren to find the state law forcing 10-year-olds into adult court unconstitutional because it leads to cruel and unusual punishment.

Bohren refused to find the statutes unconstitutional on Thursday, writing that juveniles aren’t as culpable for their actions as adults but that doesn’t exempt them from adult sentences.

He rejected the rest of the defense teams’ arguments on Monday. He acknowledged what he called the girls’ delusions and mental illness, but said if he moved them into the juvenile system they’d be free and clear at age 18 with no oversight and no more treatment. If they are convicted as adults, they’d eventually be released on extended supervision and treatment would continue.

He said keeping the girls in the adult system would protect the community, noting again that their alleged crime was no accident.

“This was an effort to kill someone,” the judge said. “This was premeditated murder.”

The judge set the girls’ arraignment, the point in the criminal justice system when defendants enter pleas, for Aug. 21.

The Associated Press isn’t naming the girls because an appeals court could still move their cases to juvenile court, where proceedings are closed to the public.

8/21/15 Update – So a recent article says the girls thought they’d go live in Slender Man’s mansion if they carried out the killing.  After the attack, they started to walk towards his house located in a forest some 300 miles away.  Everyone involved in the judicial portion are saying the girls are mentally unstable.  IDK, isn’t it strange two teenage girls believe the same thing.  Has anyone stopped to consider what they believe may actually be real?  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this Slender Man lives in that forest be it in this dimension or another.

The story reminds me of when that comet flew by and a bunch of people killed themselves to get on it.  Was that Heaven’s Gate?  My friend Bridget in Chicago was at a dinner party where the clever people were talking about how dumb the cult members were.  Bridget had the courage to posit, “what if what they believed would happen really did happen?  Who are we to say it didn’t?”  That shut down the conversation immediately.  None of the so-called “intelligent” people wanted to go there and one bit and looked at Bridget as if she had two heads.

It’s kinda strange in this day and age how all points aren’t considered.  And, I mean all points.  In my world, myopic view points no longer work for me.  We live in a vast, mysterious multi-verse.  It’s time to embrace the unknown and all the possibilities that may exist.

Slender Man is probably laughing in his mansion in the forest that the judicial trail isn’t leading to him!  He’ll soon be on to the next set of kids or whomever to do his bidding.  Geez, we not only have to worry about government mind control programs like MK Ultra but now we have to worry about mind control from dark entities.  Nice world, right?!


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