Ugh – Money Stresses

As I said recently, “we were meant to live for so much more”…  Did we really come here from the far reaches of the multi-verse to be manipulated by money and have money control most everything we do?  No, I do not believe we did.

I write about this stuff because I am learning as I go along too.  I don’t have all the answers but I figure more and more out every day.  I get glimpses of knowing and “ah ha” moments where bits and pieces of this Matrix become crystal clear.

Last week, I received $10,000 and felt on top of the world.  This week, I am figuring out how to pay the remaining bills left due on the 1st.  How crazy is that?  Seriously.  It is beyond crazy and it always happens.  And, I know I am not alone in this ebb and flow and feeling high as a kite one moment and then feeling as if I have no idea how I will make it through the next.

The monetary levels are different for everyone.  For one person it might be $100.  Another it is $1,000.  Another it could be higher than me.  My bursts seem to come in multiples of $10,000.  It goes as fast as it comes.

It is also not about saving, spending or doing whatever it is one would do about having money or not having money. There is some deeper current going on and I, for one, am ready to break out of it.  Perhaps it is this control dynamic surrounding our Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s).  I don’t know but it is whatever is going on behind the scenes that keeps us in a state of manipulation.

The fact we use FRNs could be it on it’s own.  They are “debt” instruments.  They truly are not money as we think we know what money is.  So by using FRNs, the controllers keep us as a population under control.  Treasury Notes, I think the terminology is, is real money.  FRNs are not.  They are many youtube videos and articles out there explaining the whole history of the monetary system as we think we know it and how it has been hijacked.

Yeah, for this moment, I am going with the knowledge the FRNs are really debt instruments have something to do with this pattern I am now recognizing and ready to break free of.

Not to confuse you even more, but I realized this with the credit cards.  Back when I declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, I was mortified at the thought of not being able to pay my credit card bills, which totaled something like $150,000.  My friend Michelle said to not sweat it as I had paid those things off a hundred times over with all the interest.  I said, “no, no but I made those charges and I am responsible for them.”

Well…neither one of us were really correct.  There was something more far sinister going on.  Look to Winston Shrout’s material to really understand this but the gist of the matter is products are literally already paid for after they are manufactured.  You going to the store to buy things is almost like double paying.  Ever wonder why they have to give you a receipt and your pocket is filled with a slew of dumb receipts.  I still don’t get the full gist of this but it is true.  I know now when I use my charge card there is really another game going on.

Now, just as I know IRS tax dollars really go to the Crown, and probably ultimately the Vatican, I am not going to fool with or fight that system.  I know it’s fraudulent but that’s not my fight.  Same thing with the credit cards, I know they are fraudulent too but I’m not going to play any of the strategies out there to zero out the accounts.  You most definitely can pursue things like Accepted for Value, Courtesy Notices, etc. or whatever strategy you so choose.

For me at this moment in time, it is enough to know it’s all false.  I’ve got other things on my plate to deal with right now.  Taking on the entire fraudulent monetary system – not my circus, not my monkey.


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