Money and Angel Energy

As I’ve said before money can represent a current, a flow, hence the name ‘currency’.

Most all words and names given to things actually hide their true ‘occult’ meanings.  The word occult is merely defined as hidden information or information not known by the general population.

A great deception thrown at humanity was to change the true meaning of words.  Think the Tower of Babel.  Heck, maybe that’s what the allegory of the Tower of Babel is truly all about – the manipulation of words.  Not languages, but words.  Interesting thought.

Anyway, money is like a current of water, and has the ability to let the river rapids flow or has the ability to dry up the water.  When you have money, you can run far and wide.  When you don’t have money, your life can come to a halt.  Of course, some people do not let money impact their activities but most people do.

My house renovation project continues to plug along.  Two weeks ago, I decided to stay at the house amidst the chaos and dust so I did not have to drive back and forth to it.  The house has one working toilet in one bathroom with a ripped out shower.  The other bathroom has the house’s only sink and a dirty shower with tub but no working toilet.  In the kitchen, there is a stove and a microwave only.  No cabinets and no refrigerator.  I also have a garden hose outside.

I brought in basic furniture – a couch, a bed, a dining table and a desk.  I will be staging the house for sale so these pieces were needed anyway.  Most people have zero imagination.

Living sparsely does not bother me one bit.  But yesterday it hit me to get my cleaning lady over to not only clean the bathroom I am using but to stay on top of the dust as the project plugs along.  I figure it’s better to stay ahead of the game versus having a huge clean up to do after the fact.  So, I texted her Sunday afternoon and she said she could come Monday at 8 am.

When she arrived, she declared to me in her Brazilian accent – “You are an Angel!”, and tears welled up in her eyes as she began to tell me the following story.  She said yesterday she became overwhelmed with all the bills she has to pay.  She has a cell phone bill, a credit card payment she refuses to be late on and house bills that need to be paid and house repairs that need to be made.  She did not want to borrow money from anyone as she prefers to work for her money instead but had no work lined up until the end of the week.

She said got down on her knees yesterday and prayed to God for some money and some work.  The very second she was done praying, she got my text!  The very second.  How cool is that?  It gives me chills just writing those words.  That is Spirit in direct action.

It’s like she surrendered.  She went to the altar and gave everything she had.  Was not looking for a handout, was not looking for assistance, was ready, willing and able to work, and got down on her knees to pray and ask for help.  The moment she did, the moment she released that energy into the universe – bam!  She got the text from me asking her to come work every week until the project it finished.

That’s just such a beautiful example of how the universe really works.  The current of the money energy flowed to her when she was open to receiving it.


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