Crazy real estate stories

Look at this rental inquiry I received for a one week rental next summer in the HEIGHT of the Season.  Mind you, I generally rent the full season – Memorial Day to Labor Day – and ONLY take one week rentals if this does not happen and ONLY take them at the last minute.  There are about 25 photos on the advertising site on which they found me.

Read what these people wrote – you can’t make this stuff up!

My husband and (grown) daughter and I are interested in your property for one week in late July 2016 and I was hoping you might be willing to answer a couple of questions for us before we start officially booking.

1) We notice that you have a pool (yay) and just wanted to confirm the dimensions (vaguely). The photos that you have up for the house and pool look very nice, but we’re wondering if you have others to show more of the pool. (We’re particularly interested in the pool.) Also related to the pool– we’re not familiar with the term “Wagner” — would you mind letting us know whether it’s a chlorine or salt water pool (or if it’s some other kind of pool)? Could you also let us know whether or not it’s heated?

2) I also noticed that your “interaction with guests” is listed as “privacy is respected” which sounds great, but could you let us know whether anyone local would be reachable if unforeseen little issues come up? (Not that we anticipate any issues, but just to be safe.)

3) We noticed that you’ve marked the property as “pets allowed” so we’re wondering if we could bring my daughter’s (well-behaved) cat. It’s not a deal-breaking issue, but we thought it was worth asking.

4) This sounds a little trivial, but my husband is tall so could you let us know the bed sizes?

5) Finally, not to jump right to the finances, but the (Advertising site) estimate for the week is $3850 (plus fees) and your profile lists the weekly price as $3500. Could you let us know which one is accurate?

If you wouldn’t mind sending along a few more photos and answering these stray questions, we’d love to hear more about this house.

I did respond by letting them know I have never received this many questions on a one week rental, let alone a six month rental, and that my house would not be appropriate for their needs.


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