Lucky he died…

This might sound horrible but me and my friend Michelle are laughing because she is so lucky one of her ex-boyfriends died in a car accident.  They were living together only because he couldn’t afford to go elsewhere and it was supposed to be temporary.  You know how those temporary stays turn into something longer. […]

Hello Turkey!

Saw someone from Turkey is reading the blog – well welcome! I wonder where you are in Turkey.  I have been to Istanbul and Ephesus.  I enjoyed it all very much – the sights, the sounds, the food.  Middle Eastern food is wonderful.  I ate at a Middle Eastern place in the East Village last […]

$15 / hour?

Super quick post…when I was in the corporate world starting in my 20’s, I always asked for more and more raises, followed by jacking up my hourly rate higher and higher.  It was scary to do each and every time but I knew I was worth a whole hell of a lot.  I would always shoot […]

Marin County, CA

I lived in Marin for quite some time.  What a wonderful, gorgeous piece of Heaven on Earth it is there.  Breath-taking vistas and views at most every turn.  No matter how many times you look over at San Francisco in the skyline, each and every time it is fresh and new.  Kinda like how I feel […]

Porsche Paradise!

OMG – have been walking the dog by a commercial building that has a gorgeous garden outside.  I only deter by this specific building because of the pretty flowers and interesting statuary.  We also walk around the entire building for some added exercise.  There is no sign out front but a small one inside the […]