Kombucha Konnection

lol…I got back from Martha’s Vineyard invigorated to get my house renovation project done and completed so I can move onwards and upwards.  I’d like my next renovation project after this one to be completely custom with architecture plans, historic preservation, details down to the minutest thing, etc.  And, I’d like a little getaway to the Hamptons sometime soon too.  So, to get there, I need to finish here and fast.

Therefore, I posted an ad on CL around 8 am entitled something like, “small painting job to complete asap”.  And, I asked them to name their own price.  I wanted people over now!  Today!  Let’s get this thing done.

Caveat – text or email only.

One of the first guys to respond via text was Joshua.  He said he had the day off from a roofing project as it was too hot and could I possibly guarantee him 6 hours of painting work or longer at $15 / hour.  I said sure, come on over.

In the interim, the amount of response I received was tremendous.  OMG, I feel like the belle of the ball.  Not that I am not, but in this world of contracting, I am totally a hot commodity.  This is a much, much better approach than calling contractors, waiting for them to come over with an estimate, waiting for them to start work, etc.  Forget that nonsense forevermore.

Joshua arrives around 11:00 in his truck totally tattooed up.  I didn’t quite know what to make of him but I set him up to paint anyway. Within like a split second, he sees some carpentry work desperately needing to be done and asks if he can do that instead.  He says that is his passion and he is going for his master carpenter license or something of the sort – the youngest person ever to apply.  I welcomed his enthusiasm and knowledge and set him up to do the carpentry.

I get a call or two from people eager to paint and I disqualify them based on not following instructions.  One dear lad texted after we hung up apologizing for calling me and begging me for the work.

The second next best prospect texted me saying he does painting in his spare time and on the weekends for $18/hour.  He sounded mature, reliable and responsible so he is scheduled for tomorrow.  Guess what he does for a living?  Electrician!  So score, my electrical needs will be met tomorrow too along with trim painting.

Another person wrote asking about the painting for $15 / hour and said he was happy to do it but it wasn’t his profession.  He is a mason and sent me photos of recent work he finished.  Another score!  I’ve got a half finished flagstone patio and also need stonework applied to the concrete foundation.  He’s coming over tomorrow mid-day.

Another guy Called – no, no, no.  We don’t do phone calls.  I hate the freakin’ phone!

A slew of painting emails came in from alot of professionals trying to sell themselves to me and I chose a simple, humble person to come do the rolling painting needed downstairs.  Pay range requested went from $12 – 40 / hour.

So, I got a carpenter, an electrician, a mason, and a couple painters out of this gig posting to bang alot of the little work out in the next couple days.

To finally get to the point, Joshua overhead me placing a product order for one of my companies.  The vendor was in Santa Rosa and I commented how the best Kombucha I have ever had was on tap at the Santa Rosa Whole Foods.

Joshua was delighted beyond belief as he began to tell me he recently cured himself of stomach cancer.  He is only 25 years old and the doctors gave him a 30% chance to live.  His best friend’s sister was vegan and she slowly began to convince him to try natural eating and to add products, such as kombucha, spirulina and a slew of supplements.  He was game as he said the chemo was killing him and making him sicker.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, he reduced the size of the tumor to a point where they cut it out of him and now he speaks to other kids about natural cures.    He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t party – he is focused on his work and getting ahead in the trades.  He chose not to go to college.  His passion is the carpentry work.  He was so excited I knew about the natural world and kombucha!

Joshua said he even knew of supplements that cured cancer but said they will never be released to the public as Big Pharma couldn’t make money from them.  So I told him about how the Rife Machine was invented long ago and cured cancer until the Feds got involved and jailed the inventor.

Can you believe this kid showed up at my house – the Light Chick’s house – from a Craig’s List ad?  Of course you can! He was in the right place at the right time and I remained open throughout the whole day.  I feel blessed to have been able to share my energy and my sacred space with him.  And, bless him on his journey of sharing his experiences of natural healing to others.

He’s returning at 6:30 am to do more work – said he will try to be quiet and not wake me up.  I’m up early anyway so that’s not a problem.  He also said he was bringing me some kombucha from a local place that serves it on tap – a well known vegetarian restaurant near his house.  How awesome is that?!

The Universe, Life, Spirit, whatever you want to call it can be so cool when you are open, go with the flow and allow grace to happen.


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