Jeffrey Alan Lash – Man or Alien Hybrid?

This is a fascinating story out of Los Angeles involving a dead man in a SUV, a huge $5M stockpile of weapons and friends and family believing the gentleman in question was an alien human hybrid possibly working for a secret government agency.

“Several storage units remained to be searched, Braun said. He had heard that there were at least four heavily modified Toyota SUVs ready for combat and able to operate in various types of terrain, including in the desert and even underwater.

“If we find a car designed to go underwater, that’s really bizarre,” Braun said. “The real problem is if he was working for a government agency, American or foreign, they would never corroborate it.””

Isn’t that interesting?

Truth is stranger than fiction.  And, the truth is there is so much more to this world than most people will allow into their myopic structured belief systems.

We live in an expansive, interesting, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-verse.  Not on a tiny little globe with only one race of beings who are blind to the great Spirits and Gods they actually are.

It’s time to Wake Up People!  And, have this charade of an existence and the supposed “reality” fed to us to fall away forevermore.  It’s time to graduate.  As the song says, “we were meant to live for so much more…”

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot or Sean Stone of Buzzsaw should get Lash’s girlfriend on for an interview.  That would be fascinating to hear.  There is definitely a story to be told there.


August 31, 2015 Update

This man’s name is one of the highest search tools bringing visitors to this blog.  See, the soul loves the truth.  There is something about this story that is engaging for people.  Something about it that rings true.  Most of us know something is off in the world today though we can not put our finger on exactly what it is.

How many of you out there watched Fringe?  As far as I know, that was one of the first introductions to parallel worlds and multiple timelines and such.  Interestingly, I saw that actor, Joshua Jackson, at the Bowery Hotel last week.  I didn’t realize who it was at the time as he looks like that other guy married to Fergie.  But, when I realized who it was I chuckled to myself as Fringe was such a big part of my education opening up to the multi-verses available to us.  And I remember years ago walking around NYC looking for the “shiny shiny” – worm holes or portals or whatever you want to call them.

One is said to exist at the L’Ermitage Hotel bathroom in Beverly Hills.  Of course, my friends and I went there for drinks to check it out.  We were told you could sometimes see people walking out of the bathrooms with luggage as they just arrived from elsewhere.  Sadly I didn’t see anything fun like that while there.  I have experienced timeline shifts or dimensional shifts, however.  It’s as simple as you are certain you ordered a white wine and the server brings you a red wine as that’s what he swore he heard you order.  The changes are very, very subtle but noticeable if you are observant.

The mention of parallel worlds and other dimensions is becoming more mainstream now.  They had several references in the Orange is the New Black Netflix series.  I wonder how long it’ll take for it to really become mainstream knowledge.


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