“Credit” cards

I’ve been operating on a cash only basis the past ten years or so.  Had zero interest in playing the credit card game.  It was a good experience for me to learn to manage energy (money) with finite amounts available.  Even though I know infinite amounts are available from the universe.  Hope I didn’t lose you with that one.  Anyway, I started dipping my toes back in the credit card game.

So, “credit” is really credit when you sign your name to the application.  It doesn’t exist prior to this act.  You are the creator, you are the creditor.  Not the bank, though they will like to have you think they are the creditors.  It’s all a game.  All an illusion.  Them trying to turn you into a “debtor” – making you believe you are a debtor, puts you in a less than position.  Whiddles away pieces of your creator power.

This “credit” is created out of thin air by you, the creator.  They then want you to transfer your hard earned money towards this fake creation when you make purchases.  They profit from fees and interest.  They make you think you’re not credit worthy by playing with the line of credit they decide to give you when in actuality it’s an arbitrary number that could easily be $10 or $100,000 as neither amount exists.  It’s merely numbers on a screen.

I completely get this is hard to digest.  I was there back in 2007 thinking “credit” was a real thing and that I was a “debtor”.  Well, I can wholeheartedly tell you I’m a debtor slave to no man unless I give that man power over me. Neither are you.


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