Indians and gas stations

OMG!  You know how Indians (with a dot) run many gas stations around the country?  Well, what if it were set up as a big karmic lesson that THEY were the spiritual leaders guiding the down and trodden along their path???!!!

This story is too good to be true.  Years ago in Westport, CT, I stopped at one gas station specifically because it was full serve and I liked the Indian guy.  We would talk about yoga, spirituality, etc.  He knew me too from my Porsche and my pup being in the car. The place closed for remodel and became self serve so I did not return.

Nearly 7 years later, I popped in to his head at the new gas station he purchased in New Haven because a similar Porsche pulled in.  Three days later, my mom’s car overheated back from my house closing and we had to get off the highway to get some oil at the closet gas station.  I went inside to pay and the guy behind the counter told me I looked familiar.  He asked if I ever used to go to Westport and lo and behold, it was him!

So next time I needed gas, we talked more at length.  He shared his he was Divinely guided to his neighborhood to discuss spirituality with the local drug addicts and prostitutes.  Sure, being a business owner was nice, but money never drove him. We both agreed we were led to work in New Haven to help alleviate it’s darkness.  We also discussed Amma, the hugging Saint from India, getting lost in meditation and the state of yoga asanas in thus day and age. We had a lovely, soul touching, talk!

It most definitely got me thinking how seemingly “ordinary” people in “ordinary” jobs may actually be the most extraordinary of us all!


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