Dad’s 20 year Probate Case

I’ve been researching my father’s Probate case lately trying to sort out all the pieces in the 20 year drama.  It really did make me who I am and molded my relationship with money, prosperity and success.  The whole drama over a pencil business he created and amongst five separate older step siblings apart from me could be an entire book on its own.

I was 12 when he died and 32 when it was settled.  To settle the case, I was strongly encouraged by a step sibling to take a paltry amount or else my mother would be left homeless and penniless.  At this point in my life, I was already achieving a modicum of success and building my real estate holdings, so I agreed.  I opted out of the continued fighting.  In a court document I recently saw, the Judge commented how the case over his multi million dollar estate was filled with division, contentiousness, lawsuits and appeals.

For whatever reason, I am being drawn to share the email I sent said step sibling earlier this year:

I heard you talked to John (a step brother).  I wish he shared my true feelings about you.

Only a Value Destroyer would not adhere to someone’s true wishes, let alone her own father’s, and destroy everything he created.  

A path of destruction will never fill any holes or voids one feels within themselves.  Or, the holes in the shoes Carol ( a step sister) was crying about you experienced as children.

Thank goodness my mother rejected your call to her.

I consider you to be the lowest of the low scum walking the earth.  Any bad name in the book would still be too good for my true feelings about you and your actions.

It’ll be great fun to watch if Cheryl (another step sister) goes after you and your incorrect paperwork.


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