Amy Winehouse Movie

Saw it in a wonderful old movie theatre called The Avon in Stamford.  What a gem!

Synchronicity was at play as I wanted to see this movie for the past week and walked by the theatre at 4:44 when the next showing started at 4:45.  Score!

The movie was engaging and mesmerizing.  No Illuminati clues in here but an absolutely enjoyable captivating experience. Oh boy was that girl something.  You really can’t take your eyes off of her.  What a presence!  I knew very little about her except the popular songs I would hear on the radio.  What I learned in the movie prompted me to google more about her life and death.  What a shooting star.

Who knows if Blake contributed to her drug use.  I had a relationship like that with a man named Chris out in Marin County.  He was a druggie.  I was in love.  Mad love.  Still love him to this day 20 years later but would never be able to be together.  So, I get her intoxication with Blake.  There are certain people in this life you have extraordinary connections with.  Period.

As I said, Chris was a druggie.  One time I woke up from a nap to the smell of weed to find out it was covering the entire kitchen table – a huge mound of it.  Weed never did a thing for me so I did not partake and I had no desire to do any other sorts of drugs.  Chardonnay is my drug of choice.  So no matter what Chris was altering his mind with, it would not prompt me to partake with him.  Not my bag.  So only Amy knows what led Amy into the harder stuff.

The entire story so moved me it filled my dreams all night long.  I think many people can help better when they pass on over to the other side versus living their ordinary lives here.  I don’t think Amy, however, falls into that category.  I think her presence was strongly needed here.  Geez, does my heart go out to her and whatever demons she was battling.  You just never know what goes on in a person’s head and what their internal make-up is all about.  You never know.


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