Using money as a guiding tool & locking Credit Reports

Here’s an example of how I personally use “money” as a guiding tool.

I am getting ready to buy a new car.  I love my Porsche convertible and would probably not even switch it out if it didn’t need a bunch of repairs I am tired of doing.  So, I have been vacillating whether to buy the new car now in July or wait until the end of the summer.  If now, I’d lease for tax purposes  If later, I’d probably buy outright.  Either choice makes no difference to me so making a decision is not clear in this case.

Lo and behold I go to check my credit this morning and it drastically dropped.  Some stupid reporting mistake I’ll need to fix but a big deal overall in the short term that would impact any leasing rates.  Decision solved – wait til the end of the summer on the new car.

I didn’t go into any drama, trauma or other negative feelings about this credit score drop.  Instead, I took it as the clue I needed to make the decision currently on my plate.

A random thing about credit scores – another manipulative tool designed by “the system” – you can go ahead and lock and block them all down.  I did that for years when I first decided to reject and disengage from this bullshit monetary system altogether.  I either did it online or wrote a letter to each of the 3 credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – to instruct them to freeze my credit reports.  This prevented anyone from getting access to them and kept me out of that system.

Ha!  Thinking of it now, I learned that bit of info from a channeled entity I listened to at that time on internet radio.  I never knew you could do that with your credit reports.  What a random place to receive that piece of advice!  See, you take the bits that work for you and leave the rest.


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