Why is San Francisco being targeted in the recent movies?

Do you all know that “they” – whoever it is in control of manipulating this world literally have a credo that “they” have to tell us what they are up to before it happens?  It is up to you, however, to find the clues, to decipher the clues and to act upon the clues.  These clues can be found in many places…the newspapers, the movies, the gossip rags, random radio announcements, flyers, etc.  I once read a favorite place is that really crazy Weekly World News rag.  All they have to do is get it out into the ethers and they have done their job.  You have been warned.

I like going to the movies but I most definitely go to the new releases to look out for any new clues that may have been laid out for us like little breadcrumbs.

In the past week, I saw two movies completely decimating San Francisco – San Andreas and the Terminator movie.  What is up with that?  I don’t want San Francisco decimated.  It’s a beautiful city.  I used to live there.  So cut out anything targeted at them.

Yesterday was the Terminator movie and the following little things stood out to me:

-Two creepy, fear based paranoia trailers.  More fear, more loosh feeding, more boring nonsense.  Yawn.  And then some other movie about a family running around like lunatics in some bombed out city trying to survive.  Boring.  I’m not interested in living like a fugitive.  Next.  Thank God the last preview was about the NWA Straight out of Compton movie.  One power movie in the bunch.  Now for the main attraction…

-Human/machine hybrids in the movie.  Isn’t this is what is going on with the Super Soldier Black Ops program anyhow?  Arnold Schwarzenneger’s character Pops tells you straight out many humans were killed during the actual testing process.  It’s up to you whether to believe the information or not.  Personally, I read about it years ago so it’s nothing new to me.  Lots of people are killed in lots of government Black Ops testing programs.  Again, your choice to believe it or not.  Read Sands of Time by Sean David Morton for a first hand eye witness account of humans being held in huge test tubes – is this where many of the missing people end up?

-The movie also literally comes straight out and tells you how people obsessed with the iphones, the clouds, social media, etc. are literally giving up their rights.  They blatantly show it outright.  Don’t even try to hide it.  How many people will actually be conscious of recognizing that bit?  On my recent trip out to Oregon, I met lots of people who are cell phone free.  Isn’t that a novel concept?

-Interesting the head of the tech program is a black man.  Wonder what kind of programming or mind manipulation they are trying to pull there?

-The talk of alternate timelines and time travel may be new to alot of people.  It was old information to me but I thought it very cool the knowledge was being put out there in the forefront.

That’s all I can think of at this moment.  If any of you picked up on other items in the Terminator movie, please do share.  I think it’s fun deciphering their little clues.  Those little devious “Powers that Will Soon Be Gone…”


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