I Hate Poverty Conscious People!

Uggghhh I had some static today and it had to do with running into several people who were pure Poverty Conscious.  You know, the glass is half full kinda folks who are focused on money or the lack thereof.  i hate that mentality!  Can not understand it, can not tolerate it.  We live in an abundant universe people!  Pure abundance for everyone if you will only allow it in.

One guy came to quote out installing new kitchen cabinets for me.  The second he heard the renovation was to sell and not for me to live in – he wanted me to cut corners, go cheaper and slack on quality.  I had to explain how I renovate houses as if I am to live in them and I will not cut corners, I will not go cheaper and I want superior quality.  If I demand these things in my own life, why would I not give the same to another person?  Why would I give them an inferior product?  Someone who is going to reward my efforts down the road with an abundance of cash for creating a high quality product?

Something similar happened the other day with a friend who was going to buy a rental property.  She wanted something not super nice because the tenants would trash it anyhow, according to her.  I had to explain to her if she thought that way, she most definitely would attract tenants who would trash the place.  And asked her to instead entertain the possibility the new tenants would treat her place with respect?

Then, I had some other contractors today simply go batty on me.  But, now that I think of it further, it very well may be drug related.  And, that’s where the poverty consciousness really rears its ugly head.  They become completely focused on getting enough money to fuel their habit, buy their drugs, work until they can get high again.  Day in, day out of that vicious cycle.  I used to have quite a bit of drugged out contractors and now that I think of it, I have let most all of them go as the vibrations are simply intolerable for me any longer.

In conclusion, I am so ready for this 3D construct of less than, poverty consciousness and inferiority to cease now and forevermore.  Imagine a world where everyone knew their worth, demanded to be paid their worth and lived in peace and harmony and respect for another?

Random thing about knowing your worth – when I was Human Resources Director in San Francisco, we would generally give raises to those who had the courage to ask for one.  The ones who didn’t, would stay at a status quo pay grade.


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