Kombucha Konnection

lol…I got back from Martha’s Vineyard invigorated to get my house renovation project done and completed so I can move onwards and upwards.  I’d like my next renovation project after this one to be completely custom with architecture plans, historic preservation, details down to the minutest thing, etc.  And, I’d like a little getaway to the Hamptons sometime […]

Martha’s Vineyard

The adventure of heading to Martha’s Vineyard is always so much fun.  The 3-4 hour drive down the shore, the excitement of taking the turn onto the Cape, lining up at Woods Hole to wait to get on the ferry, the joy of driving your car on and off the ferry.  It’s all part of the adventure that is a journey to Martha’s Vineyard.

I’ve been visiting since boarding school.  Of course, we would all meet up here during the summer and get into as much mischief as possible!  I remember once renting a car using a fake id.  Poor kids definitely can’t get away with that nowadays.  They’d get arrested!  And summers were filled with boys, boys and more boys.

Last summer I learned about the spiritual significance of the island for the first time.  I was told it has always been something of a beacon and a grounding crystal for the Northeast.  I speculated whether that’s why Obama visited each summer – maybe some sort of ceremonies were taking place.  Oh that reminds me, two summer’s ago, a local construction guy told me very suspicious black ops type men or something like that were running around the island.  Not normal secret service or Presidential guards.

Last summer, I found it quite “coincidental” Hillary Clinton had her book signing at the same time of Obama’s visit.  I did stand in line for it as it was a fun outing that day followed by a French dinner in town.

Even though at the core, MV is a pure energy, like so much else in this world, layers of money, greed, competition, jealousy, etc., hover over the island like a plague.  Cloudy, gray dark layers of energy on its grid.

Man from Kenya is President

Obama is wrapping up his trip to Kenya right now.  Just yesterday in NYC, a gentleman I was talking to said the exact same thing I already knew the answer to – how exactly can a man from Kenya be President of the United States?  Because he is head of United States, the corporation, and not United States, the country.

Detailed explanations of this can be found all over the web.  There are plenty of youtube videos, documents, etc. pointing out the ever so minor differences in terminology between the governments and the corporations.

You can even look up details on Dunn & Bradstreet for the corporations at the federal, state and municipal levels.  Most everything you had considered to be a government entity is in actuality a corporation.  Even the courts.  It is wild stuff to wrap your head around.  Absolutely wild but also absolutely true.

There is no reason to get up in arms over this information.  Know it and work around it.  It is what it is.

Trainwreck – fun movie

No “clues” in this movie but pure genuine fun instead.  I love going to see new movies when they come out.  I don’t know why but I do.  That was a real joy of living in Los Angeles as I would go every Friday when the new releases appeared.  My movie theaters of choice were all on the West Side – Santa Monica, Culver City, etc.  My friend Ryan would also bring me to SAG screenings.  He loved movies like me.

My favorite line in the movie is something my girlfriends and I were in hysterics about.  The main character is upset the sex with her beau is not the best, most mind blowing sex ever.  Her sister reminds her that the guy who gave her the best sex ever was now in jail!  LOL!

Same as me!  The best sex ever was with someone currently incarcerated.  For a little blonde boarding school girl to even know someone incarcerated still boggles my mind.  But, on the flip side, it also shows I am bad ass enough to know someone incarcerated – ha!

I spoke at this guy’s trial and the jury did not believe I was bi-coastal.  At that point in my life, I had been flying back and forth from California to Connecticut for something like 22 years.  The simple folk in the jury could not and would not believe that.  Instead, they thought it was “suspicious” activity, further nailing a coffin in his unjust verdict and sentencing.

You know after sentencing, I went outside to the jury to loudly declare how they had just sent an innocent man to prison and they needed to be ashamed of themselves.

Jeffrey Alan Lash – Man or Alien Hybrid?

This is a fascinating story out of Los Angeles involving a dead man in a SUV, a huge $5M stockpile of weapons and friends and family believing the gentleman in question was an alien human hybrid possibly working for a secret government agency.

“Several storage units remained to be searched, Braun said. He had heard that there were at least four heavily modified Toyota SUVs ready for combat and able to operate in various types of terrain, including in the desert and even underwater.

“If we find a car designed to go underwater, that’s really bizarre,” Braun said. “The real problem is if he was working for a government agency, American or foreign, they would never corroborate it.””

Isn’t that interesting?

Truth is stranger than fiction.  And, the truth is there is so much more to this world than most people will allow into their myopic structured belief systems.

We live in an expansive, interesting, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-verse.  Not on a tiny little globe with only one race of beings who are blind to the great Spirits and Gods they actually are.

It’s time to Wake Up People!  And, have this charade of an existence and the supposed “reality” fed to us to fall away forevermore.  It’s time to graduate.  As the song says, “we were meant to live for so much more…”

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot or Sean Stone of Buzzsaw should get Lash’s girlfriend on for an interview.  That would be fascinating to hear.  There is definitely a story to be told there.


August 31, 2015 Update

This man’s name is one of the highest search tools bringing visitors to this blog.  See, the soul loves the truth.  There is something about this story that is engaging for people.  Something about it that rings true.  Most of us know something is off in the world today though we can not put our finger on exactly what it is.

How many of you out there watched Fringe?  As far as I know, that was one of the first introductions to parallel worlds and multiple timelines and such.  Interestingly, I saw that actor, Joshua Jackson, at the Bowery Hotel last week.  I didn’t realize who it was at the time as he looks like that other guy married to Fergie.  But, when I realized who it was I chuckled to myself as Fringe was such a big part of my education opening up to the multi-verses available to us.  And I remember years ago walking around NYC looking for the “shiny shiny” – worm holes or portals or whatever you want to call them.

One is said to exist at the L’Ermitage Hotel bathroom in Beverly Hills.  Of course, my friends and I went there for drinks to check it out.  We were told you could sometimes see people walking out of the bathrooms with luggage as they just arrived from elsewhere.  Sadly I didn’t see anything fun like that while there.  I have experienced timeline shifts or dimensional shifts, however.  It’s as simple as you are certain you ordered a white wine and the server brings you a red wine as that’s what he swore he heard you order.  The changes are very, very subtle but noticeable if you are observant.

The mention of parallel worlds and other dimensions is becoming more mainstream now.  They had several references in the Orange is the New Black Netflix series.  I wonder how long it’ll take for it to really become mainstream knowledge.

Does Mind Control exist?

Fascinating real life testimony from 1995 of two courageous victims about the MK-ULTRA program.

How can this go on in this day and age?

The fact most people don’t believe this stuff actually exists is ridiculous.  But the fact this nonsense goes on is even more ridiculous.

Could some of the recent shootings and “terrorist” activity be the result of these sorts of programs?  Think long and hard about what you think may be real or what may be staged in the so-called news.

Regardless, it is time to stop playing these games now.  It is time to live in peace, harmony and balance.  Enough is enough.

2nd – Dead Cousin’s House

I am writing this post from my dead cousin’s house.  It is so ironic because I am beyond sensitive and can barely enter any home where any Spirit may be residing.  Yet here I am type, type, typing away.

She died in 2010 and I was literally on an internet radio show – a spiritual one – when I got the phone call from my mother.  The same spiritual talk show where I would discuss the guy who kept stalking me in my dreams.  See prior post entitled “Kinship with Keanu”.

We did not know my cousin was a hoarder until after her death.  Had no clues whatsoever.  She was a sweet soul who loved birds and loved animals.  Kind, sweet, tender and gentle.  She would come to each and every family function with thoughtful gifts and was always so proud of me being the world traveler I have been.  She seemed to live vicariously through my adventures and would brag to her co-workers about me.  Did I say what a sweet and tender soul she was?

It took a good 2 years to go through the piles of things in her house.  We tried to renovate and improve the house along the way to sell too, albeit to no avail.  After 4 years, we went through 3 different pipe freezes during the winters.  The whole thing became an absolute mess.  I hated having to go to the house.  Hated it.

Then it dawned on me early this year, she was still in the house!  She did not leave it and cross over.  She was hoarding her house too.  It wasn’t creepy at all but I knew she still there and that nothing could be accomplished until she crossed over.

Her fiancee Mark had died about 2 years prior to her.  She was young and pretty and there is no reason why she could not have found someone else.  He was her love though.  I guess she didn’t want anyone else.  Maybe she died of a broken heart, I don’t know?  But she died very close to where I am now sitting.  With two parrots flying around the house we needed the help of a nice, heart centered man from animal control to assist us in finding good homes for.  I donate to the local animal shelter to this day to keep her memory alive and well.  She loved the animals!

So, back in February when I came up from Florida, I knew it was time for her to cross over.  Like intervention time.  it was no longer an option for her to linger in the house.  I couldn’t even literally physically get into her house to do the cross over because there was so much snow in the driveway.  So, I decided to have the intervention at one of my houses in Westport where the energy is very, very high.  The day I needed to go foreclosure court in New Haven to save her house, is the day I picked for her to cross over.  It had to be as I was flying back to Florida the next day too.  I would have postponed the flight, if necessary, but ended up not needing to do so.

The cross over was quite simple really.  I lit some white candles on top of my huge French buffet / makeshift altar and sat in meditation calling in Mark and any other family members wanting to help her pass over amongst some other simple rituals.  I retired for the evening with the candles still burning and the intention set for her to cross over by the time they went out.  As soon as I arose in the morning, I saw her in my mind’s eye as happy as can be wearing a white flowing gown and holding Mark’s hand.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt she had crossed.

Next time I visited her house, the energy was clean, clear and crisp.  Settling affairs surrounding the house began to flow freely and easily.  And now I actually enjoy spending time in the sun filled house.  Numerous birds fly all around outside and bunnies and chipmunks can be seen scurrying around the property.  I know my cousin is happy in her new home while I sit quiet and peaceful in her old home.

Two more posts – 1st – “Love will Tear us Apart Again”

Ok, two more posts are circulating in my head before my next appointment shows up.  After that, I get to go watch the final episodes of Sense8 and read the new book I got in the mail today, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim Keith.  He got killed after writing the book.  Some people say it is because of writing this book and exposing its secrets he got killed.

Anyway, do you know the song ‘Love will Tear us Apart Again’ by Joy Division?  I knew a NYC gentleman interest of mine was drawn to the song last Fall.  I was getting ready to move to Florida and leave the NYC area for good.  Sure, I still had business in the Northeast but my plan was to be completely gone and out of the area.  Said gentleman had the month of October to shit or get off the pot.

October came and went with no move being made.

So, one November morning around 4am, I get in the rental car to leave Connecticut and start my drive down to Florida. Sure I was bummed this guy didn’t show up but I was also excited by all the possibilities that lay ahead.

I drive out of Connecticut, drive over the Tappan Zee Bridge and see a sign alluding to the fact I am leaving the NYC metropolitan area.  What song comes on the radio at the very same exact moment????

“Love will Tear us Apart Again” by the Joy Division!!!


How often does one hear that song on the radio?  Uh, like never!  I laughed and said, “buddy, you had your chance.  It’s over now.”

Ironically, come February and I can not take the stupid people in Florida and I am back in the NorthEast, during one of the worst snow storm season ever, mind you.  Then come April I end up starting a new project outside of NYC.  Never say never, right?!  There are no absolutes in life.

Has said gentleman showed up?  Not yet.  Not yet.  The hope remains.

Cell phone waves and iPad return

No joke I returned the iPad I bought because I could literally feel some sort of energy emanating from it – the cell waves or something or another.  It bothered me way to much to keep it.  I really, really wanted one too.  It looked like so much fun.

Recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 AND began to use it as a Hot Spot for my temporary work space.  Man oh man do I feel that same energy, those waves, whatever it is I am feeling.  It’s not as bad when the Hot Spot is turned off but is so apparent when on.  At the temporary work space, I can also buy wireless internet service for an hour, a day, a month from Xfinity.  I tried it for 1 hour solution to notice any difference.  Absolutely did.  Did not feel the strong power of those waves, or whatever they are, for lack of better verbiage.

Anyone know exactly what it is I am feeling?