Jurassic Park & the Raptors.

Saw Jurassic Park today and was looking forward to seeing what new clues were embedded in this new summer blockbuster. Thanks to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, I knew to expect the raptors were going to align with the humans to save the day. They were cute and I’d welcome those little raptors to hang by my side and help protect me.  She received the information after interviewing Mark Richards in prison.  He mentioned to her the raptors and many other different races of beings were now time traveling back in time to align with humanity in order to have a better outcome in the future for their own civilizations.  Very interesting stuff indeed.

Come on in guys and help – you are more than welcome.  The more the merrier to break out of this fog and nonsense and so called life we are living.  I know I did not come here from the far reaches of the multi-verse to live like a slave being in a mind controlled fog on a daily basis.  I can barely watch all those around me doing it on a daily basis any longer as well.  It is time to change this game up and make a paradise on earth now.  Raptors and whoever else is out there to help – game on and let’s get this party started.


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