Do your income taxes actually leave the country and go to The Crown?

No clue, but that is what Karen Hudes purports in the video.  I like Karen.  I feel a kinship with Karen.  She used to be a lawyer at the World Bank.  When I graduated from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., I was very interested in working at the World Bank or at the IMF.  Very interested.

Instead, I ended up at Sallie Mae, a GSA, or government sponsored entity.  In retrospect, I was protected by this path. Had I ended up at either the World Bank or the IMF, I would have inevitably learned about the global fraud and the global deceit of the financial system and been a Whistle Blower to no end.

I also wanted to work for the CIA when I was in D.C.  A friend told me they did try to recruit me at a bar one day but deemed I was not controllable.  Lol – isn’t that the truth – you most definitely can’t control Spirit?!  Had I worked there, however, again my path would have led me to uncover the deceit and I would have probably ended up in a prison not being told the charges like Susan Lindauer or gotten myself killed in the process.

Everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for my little finance job at Sallie Mae.  It kept me safe, albeit it very bored at times, and they matched my retirement funds dollar for dollar – allowing me to buy real estate.  So, thank you!

Oh, and that bit about your income taxes going to the Crown…Karen says in the video it was Ronald Reagan who had the Grace Commission trace where tax money goes.  The answer was out of the country.  Supposedly he found out no tax ever paid is deposited with the US Treasury but goes directly to the Federal Reserve Bank.  Thinking about it now, is this why he could have been shot?  As he was hot on this trail.  I was in college in D.C. a couple blocks away when it happened.  He went to the hospital at my school – George Washington University.

I also like this interviewer Chris Pante.  He seems to have a show on Public Access out of Danbury, CT.  Keep up the good work!  And, I simply loved him saying that the Federal Reserve Notes we think of as “money” as so frivolous they could just as easily be backed by Gatorade – lol & love it!


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